MRI scan of brocoli

A kiss of a Gesture -Khumbula  -Love is African -Location: Alexandra, Johannesburg -Photographer: Lukas Amakali

Harness Hamese and Lukas Amakali
Enter Gravity


One of 2014’s IDE group projects created by Guillaume Couche, Daniela Paredes Fuentes, Pierre Paslier and Oluwaseyi Sosanya, 'Gravity' is A 3D sketch pad that draws images in light.


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Anthony PearsonUntitled (Tablet), 2014

Gravity - 3D Sketching

sketch in 3D space using augmented reality.

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IKEA的紙杯 by elim cheng
High Speed Photos of Combusting Alcohol Look
Designers should design the intangible not just objects Prof. Dale Russell

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Prototype for our entry app for Ars Electronica

Floe by Lida Marinkova, Ozgun Kilic, Seyi Sosanya and Pierre Paslier

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- Sophia
I am working on a wonderful little arch installation for the Sophia id launch at HBB Studio.
Sophia makes a little arch each project of the scrap material after the project is completed.